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About Us

The 21st Century offers opportunities in such areas as energy, transportation, and telecommunications, just to name a few.  There are countless challenges that must be faced as well.  New infrastructure is needed.  Jobs must be created.  In their pursuit of quality growth and prudent development, the communities and counties of Central Pennsylvania are working with SEDA-Council of Governments, a public organization with over 50 years experience on issues related to economic development, community life, and the environment. 

Policies are established by a 22-member Board and carried out by a professional staff with expertise in a wide range of fields; everything from rail freight service and international sales, to home weatherization and financial packaging.

SEDA-COG has played an important role in the evolution of Central Pennsylvania, helping maintain the very qualities that make this region special.  Perhaps we can help you, your company, or your community.  Call us at 570-524-4491, or drop us a line at


Mission Statement
SEDA-COG is a regional multi-county development agency, which, under the guidance of a public policy board, provides leadership, expertise, and services to communities, businesses, institutions, and residents.  SEDA-COG seeks to enhance growth opportunities in an environmentally sensitive manner while retaining the region’s predominantly rural character.  The organization is both a direct service provider and a link to other resources that can be applied to a wide range of community and economic needs.  SEDA-COG is also an advocate for the interests of its communities at the state and federal levels.

SEDA-COG’s strengths include a county-based policy board representing public and private interests, a high level of staff expertise, a commitment to innovation, and the flexibility to respond to new opportunities and challenges.