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News Notices & Publications: York family business saves cash, time with SEDA-COG loan


York family business saves cash, time with SEDA-COG loan

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The Zech brothers have a lot more cash in hand and time to focus on their business, thanks to a business-friendly loan through SEDA-Council of Governments (SEDA-COG).


Joshua and Micah Zech were looking for a loan that let them put less down and keep more cash for their growing business, Yorktown Pools & Spas. SEDA-COG’s Business Finance Department helped them get a Small Business Administration (SBA) Grow Loan (formerly known as 504), which requires less down than a traditional loan – 10 percent compared to up to 25 percent.


The $278,000 loan helped the Zechs buy a larger building to house their business. Their parents were the prior owners, but the business had grown a lot since 1979 when it was first acquired.


“This loan helped us sleep better at night with less worry, having more money available for the business,” Joshua Zech said. “I’d recommend the Grow Loan to anybody, and it’s really enjoyable working with SEDA-COG’s Business Finance Department staff, Ray Haden and Jim McClure.”


After the Zechs bought the growing business from their parents in 2010, they had to split up the three departments into two different buildings, despite being one operation. The retail side stayed in the original building while the construction and service branches moved to a warehouse several miles away.


This distance cost the business valuable time, so they used the Grow Loan to buy a larger building to house all branches in one location at 4350 W. Market St., York.


“This loan gave us a larger building where we could consolidate our service, construction, and retail branches back into one central location,” Joshua Zech said. “This means a lot less travel time between branches and less shuffling of inventory, paperwork, and employees. Sometimes we had to run things two to three times a day between the two locations. Each run was about 20 minutes.”


M&T Bank provided a $347,500 loan to complete the $695,000 project. The bank has worked with SEDA-COG for years to assist bank customers with expansion projects.


This project was a great example of the benefits of the combined financing between M&T Bank and SEDA-COG’s SBA Grow Loan, said Sharon Kebil-Whisler, M&T Bank vice president and senior relationship manager.


“The (SBA Grow Loan) program is very helpful in facilitating long-term, fixed-rate financing, and preserving cash. The 10 percent down also helped the business use its cash flow for moving expenses and relocation costs,” Kebil-Whisler said.


Yorktown Pools & Spas handles almost every aspect of the pool and spa industry and offers many types of pools. While Micah Zech runs the construction side, Joshua Zech handles the day-to-day operations and focuses on the service piece.


The brothers have helped their parents with the business since they were teenagers. Joshua Zech most enjoys working directly with customers, people he grew up with in the business, and providing creative solutions as part of the service work.


“Each year, I get to see people I’ve known for 20 years, and see how things are going,” he said.


It’s truly a family business, and their parents still work with the company. “We get to tell them what to do, now,” Joshua Zech said with a laugh, “but they don’t always listen.”


He enjoys working with Micah, his younger brother by five years. “I used to beat him up a whole lot, but now he’s bigger than me,” Joshua Zech joked. “Since he’s gotten bigger than me, that hasn’t occurred too much anymore.”


Their business serves York and Adams counties.


SEDA-COG’s Business Finance staff can help you find the loan that’s right for you. Contact us today to start a partnership at 570-524-4491 or

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Created at 2/2/2017 9:31 AM by Liz Regan
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