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News Notices & Publications: Discounted FEMA Elevation Certificates available


Discounted FEMA Elevation Certificates available

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SEDA-Council of Governments (SEDA-COG) has negotiated a group price for engineering/survey services to complete and issue FEMA Elevation Certificates to interested homeowners.
To view the applicable locations and to download the application, click here.
The National Flood Insurance Program has gone through significant changes with the 2012 Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act and the 2014 Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act. These reforms mean that policy holders with subsidized pre-FIRM or grandfathered rates may see premium rate increases until FEMA deems that the flood insurance cost is based on the true flood risk to that property.
An elevation certificate determines the true flood risk and can often reduce the cost of your flood insurance by determining the proper flood insurance premium rate for the building, allowing an insurance company to better assess the risk (your home) being insured.

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FEMA elevation certificates group rate


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